Categorias de seguiment

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This page lists tracking categories which are automatically populated by the MediaWiki software. Their names can be changed by altering the relevant system messages in the MediaWiki namespace.

Categoria de seguiment Nom del messatge Critèri d’inclusion de la categoria
Paginas indexadasindex-categoryThe page has a __INDEX__ on it (and is in a namespace where that flag is allowed), and hence is indexed by robots where it normally wouldn't be.
Paginas pas indexadasnoindex-categoryThe page is not indexed by robots because it has the magic word __NOINDEX__ on it and is in a namespace where that flag is allowed.
Pages using duplicate arguments in template callsduplicate-args-categoryThe page contains template calls that use duplicates of arguments, such as {{foo|bar=1|bar=2}} or {{foo|bar|1=baz}}.
Paginas amb tròp d’apèls dispendioses de foncions parsairesexpensive-parserfunction-categoryThe page uses too many expensive parser functions (like #ifexist). See Manual:$wgExpensiveParserFunctionLimit.
Paginas que contenon al mens un paramètre de modèl pas evaluatpost-expand-template-argument-categoryThe page is bigger than $wgMaxArticleSize after expanding a template argument (something in triple braces, like {{{Foo}}}).
Paginas que contenon tròp d'inclusions de modèlspost-expand-template-inclusion-categoryThe page size is bigger than $wgMaxArticleSize after expanding all the templates, so some templates were not expanded.
Categorias amagadashidden-category-categoryThe category contains __HIDDENCAT__ in its page content, which prevents it from showing up in the category links box on pages by default.
Paginas amb ligams copatsbroken-file-categoryThe page contains a broken file link (a link to embed a file when the file does not exist).
Paginas ont nombre de nosèls es depassatnode-count-exceeded-categoryAquesta pagina depassa lo nombre maximal de nosèls.
Paginas ont la prigondor d'espandiment es depassadaexpansion-depth-exceeded-categoryLa pagina depassa la prigondor d’espandiment maximala.